Two Hearts Entwined

Since I had given the one I made earlier to Arlene for the HBT Summertime Exchange, I made this heart again to keep .... or ... to give away again?...

There are however, slight differences between this and the one that I made for Arlene. The long chains on the sides gave me some problem and had to be blocked into shape.


  1. Jon, this is an absolutely exquisite intertwined heart design! I love how all your patterns are always so appealing to the eye! It captures the beauty of tatting in a most aesthetic way. I cannot say that about everyt "intertwined heart" pattern I've seen in tatting.

  2. This is gorgeous, Jon! Will a new book be in the works including this pattern?

  3. Thank you, thank you.

    It is growing to be one of my favorite heart design.

    Tattingchic, I enjoyed the last visit to your blog - hilarious.

    Tattycat, if I were to start a count, I don't how many designs that I have come up with that are still waiting for the patterns to be written or charted, *sigh*


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