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Friday, 3 October 2008

Purple Star

I managed to finish this purple doily/star before I started the Eid holidays. This is a remake of a doily that I designed a few years back. I thought the first one I made had been lost and decided to make it again.

This was tatted with Flora size 20 and measures 8cm from the centre to the point of the star. The star was tatted in one pass using two shuttles.


  1. (giggle) Is that a new sparklie with your name on it there in the corner? You've been playing!
    Love your doily - the star in the center really stands out.
    :-) Gina

  2. Lovely pattern and gorgeous colourway, really suits the pattern.

  3. That is really pretty, Jon! I just love your patterns.

  4. I am working on the chart for this star. It should be in my Patterns Page in a few days.

  5. Love the star!!! I'll try to make it in #80 to see what size will end.

    Sorry for the delay but Ramadan Mubarak! Salam dear sister.

  6. Wow, this is so beautiful. One day I am going to make this - thanks for sharing.

  7. Really really nice Jon! This could also make a lovely starfish!

  8. Right Sherry, I can see the starfish made with light orange and cream. But I have another design that is waiting for the pattern to be charted and written out that looks more like a starfish.


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