Heart o' Daisy - Revisited

This is my second time making the Heart o' Daisy.

This is the split rings version done in three rounds.

First round is the pink daisy in the centre of the heart. I made this one first and then work the second round for the rest of the daisies around it in one pass.

Third round is tatting the chains on the outside.

The instructions for this heart is in my Patterns Page, but not the split ring version.


  1. That's really pretty, it looks so different, ain't tatting fun.

  2. That is so effective, in the two colours - you can see clearly which are the split rings.

  3. I have given you an award. Please check my blog, but feel free to pass if you are too busy!

  4. Yes,Tatting is fun! I'm loving every doublestitch of it.

    Thank you Tattycat for thinking of me for the award.

  5. Veery nice! Love the way you played with the color and the split rings!

  6. I love the colour combination on this pretty heart!

  7. I love the way the colors work together... very pretty!

  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes, your name is in the basket. Good luck, Jane
    PS I have never seen such beautiful work.


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