Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Anne Orr Medallion #38

Has anyone tried tatting the medallion #38 from the book Tatting with Anne Orr?

I had problems when making it the first time by following the pattern for the medallion exactly as in the book. I followed the instructions by making five repeats and the medallion cupped-up on me. So, I improvised and make it with six repeats and it turned out just right.

I made a small change to the design by adding an outward ring to each of the clovers in the last round. It now looks more like a hexagon that a round medallion.


  1. Which you can join to make a bigger piece - I love making using small motifs joined together.

  2. this is very nice Jon. I will have to get my book out and try this one. I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I do!

  3. Tattycat, if you are able to make it stay flat with five repeats you have to tell me how you did it. I need to know what mistake I made the first time round.

  4. I'll do my best but doubt that I could improve on anything you do!

  5. This is lovely! I'll have to try this one.



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