23 Aug 2008

What a Damper!

Just found out that the new layout of my blog can't be viewed fully with Internet Explorer (IE) ... I went back to the site where I downloaded it from and there was a notice recommending the use of Firefox. My mistake for not paying attention to it ... because I am using Firefox .. duh ...

But what is the point of having a blog if not to share what I write. So, I don't mind forgoing the new layout .... and I really like the 3-column layout .... for the moment until I can find another one.

That is the reason that you now see this switched back to the old layout so as not to disappoint my regular readers who are not using Firefox.
Just read a very mournful e-mail from Maureen about this, :-(
Ooops ... now you know one of my weaknesses .. I am a sucker for sad stories, he... he....

Luckily I saved the previous layout before making the change. There shouldn't be a problem to put it back. Any topsy-turvy will be put right in a while.

Please ignore the previous post. I am not removing it just yet ... someone may find the link useful.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, Jon. I'm always more willing to blame Microsoft for my display issues than the fact that my hardware (screen) may be too old and small! :) Love the blog, so next you are compelled to serve your inner artist, I'll switch to the computer with the bigger screen and Firefox!-- Take care, Mimi

  2. I am delighted to be again able to read your blog,Jon, but on the basis that one shouldn't take happiness at other's expense! - maybe I am also feeling just a tiny bit guilty! - lol - still, I think I will cope with that, it's good to be able to read it again, and I hope you can find another layout that pleases you.

  3. Jon, I have IE and I could view your page just fine.....weird.

  4. Sorry it didn't work out. Maybe you can go back to it sometime. We have to keep your blog where we can all read it. We enjoy and need it so much!

  5. I use Firefox, and found that I could only see two and a half columns of your 3-column set-up. I thought it might have been the way my monitor is set at work, but it's set with even smaller pixels at home and I still only saw 2.5 columns. Weird, eh?

  6. I agree that the (mis)adventure of the 3-column blog was rather weird, LOL.

    Sherry can view just fine with IE while Maureen can't, and Marty can only see 2.5 columns with Firefox. Like I said, I am not an expert with HTML or CSS (whatever those letters mean) so I can't explain it either.

    You know the saying - "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". I think that applies to me, :-) I'll lay off the tweaking for a while, LOL.

  7. I use IE both at home and work and could see it just fine too. Might depend on which version of IE the user has. Mine was updated last year.
    :-) gina


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