8 Aug 2008

Today is 08.08.08

I don't want to miss the opportunity to have this recorded on my blog page, :-). The numbers line up very nicely, don't you think?

I don't give any significance to numbers but they do play their part in so much as the fact the I deal with numbers a lot. I studied Mathematics at university, then later worked in a bank. There are lots of numbers going around there. And again, I deal with numbers in tatting especially in counting the doublestitches for my patterns.

But there are communities and cultures who rely on numbers and numerology in planning their life. The most significant one was in determining the date and time for the opening ceremony of the this year's summer Olympics in Beijing.

Did you know that the date and time are specially picked so that they show - i.e. August 8th, '08 at 8 minutes past 8 in the evening.

Then again, on August 20th, 2008 you'll get another nicely arranged set of numbers - 20.08.2008

For further reading;
Numbers in Chinese Culture - from Wikipedia
08/08/08 adds up to a lucky day

However not all 8's are lucky, like what is written here in this article, Power of eight.

Not forgetting that this blog is about tatting, I have posted a picture of another bookmark that I have just completed. I have made this design before but had given it away. So I made another one to keep. Do you the 8's in there?


  1. It is cool when all the numbers line up in a pattern...it looks like you have 8 ds in the yellow chains in that cheerful bookmark! Possibly 8 in the total count of the small rings, and looks like there may be 8 on a side for the center split rings, is that correct? You have come up with another really clever design, as usual!

  2. LOL! Do you know, when I saw this update on my blog, it said "8 hours ago" ! I used to play with numerology but I don't remember anything special about the number 8. Since I've been writing the date on paperwork all day, I noticed early that it was 8/8/08.
    I might have time later to read the article. Thanks for posting it.
    :-) Gina

  3. Thanks for the trivia on the eights. This is a lovely bookmark. Are you willing to share the pattern?

  4. Brilliant post Jon. Nice bookmark too.

  5. 8- 8's down the middle?

    If you count the little ones and use the middle 0 for each side then there are 32-8's. If you count the little ones on top of the middle 0's then there are 9 down the middle. I think, I had to scroll down to count and might have messed up.

    Beautiful pattern and work!

  6. Pretty bookmark. That is interesting about the number 8 in China's opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

  7. Yarnplayer, you have such vivid imagination. I only had the shapes of 8s formed by the split rings in mind,, LOL.

  8. Jon, boy, am I glad I found your blog. I've been wanting to learn how to tat: my aunty and my mom used to-- there are lots of remnants of their work at home. I've always been fascinated by the way their hands moved and the results. But I've not been patient enough to learn.
    I'll be visiting more often, to start tatting. Keep up the good work.

  9. Lovely Olympic bookmark, Jon, green and gold - Australian colours!

  10. Hello Jooli, I will be a very happy person if I can influence you to take up tatting. It is a beautiful craft.

    I didn't have the Aussie team in mind when I chose colours. I only realised it when I watch the Olympic events on telly.


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