21 Aug 2008

New 3-column Look

I finally found what I am looking for, a 3-column page for my blog, at this site called Simply fabulous prepared by Lena Toews.

There are so many to choose from and it was so difficult to decide on the one that I really like. Just take a look at the selection that she has put in her blog and you'll know what I mean. You can even ask for your own custom-made template for a price.

There are also tutorials to walk you through on installing the new templates and help you edit the template to suit your taste. For someone who doesn't know much about the HTML stuff, I can tell you that the steps are so easy to follow.

The downside is that, almost all of the widgets that I had earlier were deleted when I put in the new template especially the links that I created for my Patterns, Tutorials and my Bloglist. I'll be adding them in one by one. Luckily I saved all the external 3rd party HTMLs before putting in the new template.


  1. ah, this change might explain why I wasn't able to display your blog this morning...
    The new design is great, I will have a look at the template site.

    In order not to loose my bloglist, I use bloglines (that I also use to read my blogs). Just an idea... ;)

  2. I like this Jon, I might have to try a new one. It's too bad that everything didn't transfer automatically, that might put a damper on me changing and I don't have all that much to switch! Very nice layout and the colors are great too. sy

  3. This is very nice. I had been trying for several days to get into your blog and now I know why I couldn't. I might have to look at this as well.

  4. How cool! I've always wanted 3 columns too and could never figure out why blogger doesn't have one.

  5. I apologise to those who have had problems getting to my blog while I was making the changes. It did take me a while to get everything in place. I didn't want to display a half-finished page.

    AngelSan, I use Google Reader to keep updated on my bloglist and that list is longer than the list in here.

    Sy, it will be much easier to switch if you don't have that many widgets installed yet.

    A note about the layout - the width in the original template is slimmer than what you see in mine here. I made some changes to it so that it fills up the space. But there are explanations in the site on how to do it. Or you can e-mail Lena if you need help.

  6. I've desparately been wanting to change the look of my blog and one of the must-have's is either 3 columns or wider existing columns. Blogger does have a "stretch" template but I'm not sure that's what I want. I'm too busy right now to do anything with it, but in a few months, I'll be seriously investigating my options. Thanks for the link. I'll look into it later.

    :-) Gina

  7. I love the new look of your blog! I hope you had loads of fun creating it!

  8. Love the new look! Especially the three columns. Thanks for sharing the link with us I'll have to check them out.


  9. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out! I lost all my widgets when I changed my template,too! Major bummer, and I had just barely started out, not that I've been blogging for THAT long, but it sure would be a pain in the butt to lose them all now after months of blogging. I can only imagine if you've been blogging longer what a pain that would be.


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