22 Aug 2008

Dimpled Chain Edging

This edging is made up entirely of chains .. with a dimple in each one of them!

sp - small picot
vsp - very small picot
RW - reverse work
DNR - do not reverse
SLT - shoe lace trick

The pattern
Wind a shuttle from a ball CTM

The straight side
1. Start with a picot at the beginning of the first chain. I used a paperclip to hold the thread for a mock picot. C(6 sp 3-3 sp 5+3-3 sp-6+), where
1st join is to the previous sp of the chain;
2nd join to the mock picot left after the paperclip is removed from the chain. RW and SLT.
2. * C(3-3 sp 5+3-2), join to the sp of the same chain. RW and SLT.
3. Make a downward facing picot at the beginning of the next chain.
4. # C(5+3-3 sp 5+3-3 sp 6+),
1st join to the sp of the previous dimpled chain; 2nd join to the sp picot of the same chain; 3rd join to the downward picot at the beginning of the chain. RW and SLT.

Repeat from * for the length of the straight side.

The corner
5. After #, make C(3-3 sp 5+3 vsp 3). RW and SLT.
6. Make a downward picot at the beginning of the next chain, followed by (6+3-3 sp 5+3-3 sp 6+). Joining as in Step 4. DNR.
7. C(6+3-3 sp 5+3-3 sp 6+), 1st and 2nd join as in Step 4; 3rd join to the same downward picot joined earlier. RW and SLT.
8. C(3+3 sp 5+3-3), 1st join to the adjacent vsp; 2nd join to the sp of the same chain. RW and SLT.

Continue from # for the straight side until you are ready to make the next corner.

Additional Note
If you study the chart, you'll realise that this edging can also be tatted up similar to making the standard ring-and-chain, except that now the rings and chains have dimples in them.

But, I don't fancy the idea of having to close loads of dimpled rings. Working with chains are whole lot easier because I don't have to worry about closing any rings. For those who want to try it that way, Jane Eb has drawn up a neat method on how to close dimpled rings.

Please test out the pattern for me and point out any corrections that needs to be done. I got confused myself when writing this out, especially with the RWs and the SLTs.


  1. Hello Jon!
    I'd like to do this edging for a special lady, because it appears to be hearts; and, the gift is to be presented on Valentine's Day (February). I think I have plenty of time to tat it twice. Once as practice and again as a final presentation gift. I'll let you know how it goes for me...
    Thank you for the edging. It looks lovely.
    Best Wishes my friend,

    Bev Davis New Mexico

  2. Hello Joh, I did an adaptation of your edging, but put rings in between. It is working up nicely. thanks for the idea...I'll send you a photo when I'm finished; which, should be tonight!
    hugs, Bev


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