Thursday, 10 July 2008

Update on the Doily

I have started round 4 of the doily. As you can see in the picture, so far so good. No curling up in Round 4.

Well, okay... even it did, you won't see it because it is pressed down by the scanner cover, :-)

The thread is still giving me problems with the twisting but the stitches don't look so bad. But it'll still need blocking and stiffening to make it lay flat.

Right, must get back to my sewing now. I am sewing two pair of clothes for my mother and she wants it ready by the weekend, that is two days away. The attire is each made up of a tunic and a long skirt. I have made the two tops and now will start on the two long skirts.


  1. The doily looks great Jon. Sorry the thread is stil giving you trouble, but looks like it will be worth it. Get Mom's clothes ready!

  2. Yes , Ma'am!

    I finished one skirt yesterday with the hemming at the bottom left to do only to realise that the zipper is on the wrong side. I had sewn it on the left side, my usual side, but Mom wears hers on the right. Urrgh! Have to unpick and sew the first one all over again. I did it right with the second one today.

  3. Wow, it's looking so beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I love love love this doily. Is the pattern yours? Is the pattern available any where?

    1. Thank you Debbie. The pattern is from a round robin that a group of tatters were doing which I came across online. It is a variation of the Rose Rogers' round robin which you can get by clicking on the link.


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