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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bookmark with Overlapping Chains

Uses Shuttle and ball

Round 1

There are no joins in this round except for where the last chain is joined to the base of the first ring.
Begin with R(4-4-4-4), RW followed by chain C(8-8).
Repeat these two steps for the length of the bookmark that you need and make the end as follows;
  • After the last ring of one side of the bookmark, make C(4), RW followed by R(4-4-4-4). RW again and make C(4).
Make the second side as the first and repeat the opposite end, ending with C(4).
Cut off the thread. Arrange the chains so that the first row chains overlap the second row chains. When you have made the overlaps in the chains, join the last chain to the base of the first ring, tie and hide ends.

Chart for Rounds 2 and 3
Round 2

Begin with a ring R(4+4+4+4),
  • 1st join to the side picot of any ring of the Round 1;
  • 2nd join to the opposite chain of Round 1; and
  • 3rd join to the side picot of the next ring of Round 1.

Reverse work and make the chain C(3-3). Lock join to the middle picot of the next ring of Round 1 and repeat the chain C(3-3).

Repeat the steps until you have made the lock join to the last ring of one side of Round 1.

For the end, make C(3-6), reverse follwed by R(6+4+6), joining to the picots on each side of the rings at the end of Round 1. Lock join to the middle picot of the ring at the end of Round 1. Repeat, in reverse, for the other side.

Continue with the earlier steps for the straight side and the other end. Cut and join to the beginning.

Round 3

Round 3 are all chains with 2 double stitches separating the picots as in the chart.


  1. That's very neat, thanks for posting the pattern.

  2. Another one I HAVE to do! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Jon.

  3. A lovely design! Great for HDT's and variegated, I should think :)

  4. Jon I love your designs, they're so neat and tidy and lovely all at the same time.

  5. Ooh! This is a very pretty bookmark! I'll try it when I get home from Alabama. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  6. Hi, I nominated you for a "Brillante weblog" award... check my blog

    I really love all your projects, thank you for the patterns !

  7. That is one bookmark I must have. Very inventive - ppl will be stump trying to do it just looking at it (I know I would).

  8. Great design! I can't wait to share it with my readers. I've scheduled a link to your post to go live on my blog early morning (Central USA time) on August 6. Thank you so much for making this pattern available!


  9. Awesome I think I will try it in verigated colors. Thanks for posting pattern.


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