Monday, 28 July 2008

The latest on theTat-Along Doily

Well... the latest is that I have finished it. I used size 40 thread for this and the finished doily measures 7.5 inches diameter.

I had to snip of the first of the three rounds of chains and begin over because I didn't like how it looked after I started the 2nd round of chains. I figured that I can afford to do it because the thread that I am using is not really my favorite.

I re-did the first round of chains with a tighter tension and it turned out better when I did the second round of chains. The last round of this doily was the easiest of all and tat up quite fast too. I managed about six repeats in between watching one episode of CSI: Miami on the telly.

Okay, with this one done, I'm going to work on some snowflakes next. Most will be the designs from my book. If I am happen to ride the design express, I may come up with something new in the process :-)


  1. Very pretty Jon. I hate that you had to redo those six rows, but I'm glad that you are pleased with it. Are you going to make some colorful snowflakes this time?

  2. That's a pretty doily. I looked through the pattern from your link previously and it looks quite doable without those fancy smancy stitches :p However, it calls for 2 shuttles, but I am thinking SLT. What's your take?

  3. Beautiful, beautiful doily Faizon, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your doily turn out beautiful. I never tire of this pattern no matter how many times I see it.

  5. Tattycat, I've been comissioned for the snowflakes so the colour is already dtermined for them. But I'll be working with colours for something else. More on that later.

  6. TQ Diane, Irma, Tattingchic. Don't if I'll be making this again, eventhough it is a beautiful design. The chains are not very kind to me, :-)

    Tattycat, I only snipped off one row and that is the chains-only row. So it wasn't that bad.

    Barbara, I did consider using the SLT for this, but decided to go with two shuttles.


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