6 July 2008

I just had to make this doily

I have been reading about this doily on a number of blogs and couldn't resist anymore.

I first read about it in Marty's blog when she wrote about the hairy and the bald.
Then, Ais wrote about hers curling over at the 4th round. (I have to watch out for that)
And Tattingchic used the finished doily as the background to show her wonderful collection of shuttles.
And the latest is on Melissa's blog!

I don't know how many other tatters are also making this but I have a feeling that there are a lot since it is a tat-along on e-tatters. I found that out from Marty's blog.

I am not a member of e-tatters so I don't have the pattern to start with. But, following the links from Melissa's blog I came to this pattern. I know I have to make the doily myself, now that I have the pattern. And this is what I have done so far.

The thread I am using is Twilley 40 which I bought from the local store a long while back. I don't know much about this thread except that it has a lot of twist in it. I had to let the shuttle hang to untwist after almost every other ring. And boy, you should see the shuttle spin!

I had not used the thread before this because of the twisting. Finally decided to make something with it, rather than just letting it lie there in the box. I only have one ball of this thread, so I hope it'll be enough to complete the doily.


  1. I have a ball of Twilleys 20 variegated and it is the worst ball of thread I have ever had, it is very harsh, don't remember having trouble with spin. I find that with Coats Madura Red Heart the spin is awful but you get used to it in the end.

    A tatting friend also agrees with me about the Twilleys.

  2. Very pretty. It will be nice to watch your doily develop, especially with a thread I'm not familiar with.

  3. It's looking beautiful so far. This is a fun doily to do. Don't be surprised if the 4th round curls up on you, it has on everyone I know of. It is easily remedied with a little press of the iron with a press cloth or blocking.
    Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I agree with Pamela, it is the worst that I have used so far. I am taking it slow on this doily because of the thread. Initially, I had wanted to add some beads to this but ... 'duh'... why add to the problem, as if handling the twist is not enough, LOL. Thanks for the tip on the curling up of the design.

  5. It is looking as good as it can be.


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