Monday, 28 July 2008

Awards ......1 .......2......3

Thank You!

I know I am a little late, no make that very late in acknowledging this, and I do wish to apologise to the peoples concerned.

By such wonderful grace. I, or rather my blog, have been chosen to receive not one, not two but three awards for creativity (?). I have never won anything before. And these are special because they are from my friends who share the same interest, i.e. needlecrafts.

I would like to thank these wonderful persons who felt that I am deserving of these awards -

Tattycat and Ais for the Arte y Pico award;

Nik for the Kreativ Blogger award; and

Kathy and AngelSan for the Brilliante weblog award.

I set up this blog as a form of sharing what I know on the subject that I enjoy most, and that is tatting. I am glad that in the process, I have made some people happy. Thank you very much.

I just hope that I can live up to these and that visitors to my blog here will continue to enjoy reading my posts.


  1. Congratulations Faizon!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Your beautiful blogging really deserves the awards.

  3. Congratulations! Very much deserved for the blog and your tatting creativity. I know I've learned a few things from you! Bev in NM, USA


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