19 July 2008

Another Edging Cornered

Another edging design with the corner included.....

... and the diagram.....

I don't have a name for this design. At first, it looks like a series of crowns. Looking at it again, it appears like scared faces with the hair all standing up!

A little explanation about the chart -

1. Make the third picot in the R(3-3-3-3-3-3-3) small.

2. The ring shown in blue/green at the corner is a SCMR. After making (4+4..) of the SCMR, switch shuttle and make the clover. Resume the SCMR with another 4ds and close. Using SCMR allows you to make the corner in one pass.

3. If you do not wish to use the SCMR, ignore that part when you make the corner. Instead make the chain as (8-4) for the first repeat at the turn. When you have completed the round for the edging, go back to each corner and fill it in. With shuttle only, make the clovers as in the diagram. Then, make the fourth ring R(4+4+4), joining to the picot in each chain at the corner. Cut and join to the base of the clover.


  1. I love this edging... simple, yet elegant!

  2. Oh, what a cute edging. You're right, it does look little faces. Kind of like aliens from outer space!

  3. Another lovely edging! And thanks for all the tutorials. Another place to send students to!\


  4. Oh that edging is both cute and beautiful. Thanks for being so generous to share so much stuff.

  5. OH! Very PRETTY! I like! I want to tat that! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Alien faces! LOL. I think it wouldn't be that obvious if I had not used two colours for this.

  7. super cute, I'm going to have to try this, thank you for sharing

  8. Wonderful! My readers are going to love this. I've scheduled a link to your blog to post late morning tomorrow (Central USA time). Keep them coming!


  9. Very very nice. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely make that one.
    Mobile Al.

  10. There you go. I found the comment link. How about "The frog Prince" for a name. I think it is precious!

  11. Jon Thank you for sharing with us all this beautiful work of tatting.
    The edging is very elegant and diagram and instructions are very easy to follow and work.

  12. Hold on Marie, I'll go check and see where the frog is, LOL.

  13. Jon,
    I love this and all your designs. Thanks for share it to us.

  14. Hi Jon!

    This is beautiful! I've been yearning to do some edgings lately, but nothing's tickled my fancy... This is now on my "To Do" list! I love your snowflakes too... Keep up the good work!

    Happy tatting

    Cas. =)

  15. Jon, thank you for the awesome edging And having in mind I was in a desperate need for one (a friend's wedding in Nov, and no ideas about the gift) LOL


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