The TIAS is a .....

Booo..hoooo ... after looking at all the completed TIAS, my TIAS will remain a baldy..... and it is totally my fault. I am so ashamed to post the picture here ... but I will.. so that you'll all know that I did try. Here it is ... or what it turned out to be.

There are a few mistakes -
I am short of one split ring in the head part, so instead of rounded it became slightly elongated. Because of that too, the left arm is shorter than the right arm. And I ran out of the red thread so she ends up with one red hand and one green hand.

I improvised on the eyes because I don't have any beads larger than what I was using . Instead I used three beads together with blue in the centre. Now, doesn't she have the loveliest blue eyes.

Another thing different is the way the I join the rings on the second half of the split ring. In the pattern, Jane wrote to make a lock join. I assume a lock join will be to pull the working shuttle thread through the joining picot.

My method of joining is to pull the core thread through the joining picot and slide the working shuttle through the loop. The working shuttle thread is then pulled through the joining picot when I straighten the core thread. I then continue with the next double stitch of the split ring. Has anyone done it this way before? Is there a name for this type of join?

To make myself feel better after the boo-boo with the TIAS, I decided to stay away from shuttles for a while and crochet a bit. I finished this doily, all blocked, in over three days.

And my conclusion is - crochet whips up things faster than tatting. I wonder if you feel the same way...

This doily measures 13.5 inches across, mainly because I used a thicker crochet thread than the finer tatting thread. But considering that there are 18 rounds in it, it does crochet up very fast. I know it will take me ages to tat an 18-round doily, even if it is only using the basic rings-and-chains in the design.


  1. I think the head looks good - I prefer the elongated head. Yes - crochet whips up a project very fast. I don't have to struggle to hide the ends (which normally takes nearly the same time as doing the actual tatting).

  2. It might be too early in the morning for my thinking but it sounds like you are doing a regular join. The lock join keeps anything from moving. In other words, you can't slide the stitch anywhere once it's "locked" in place. It's generally used on chains, to keep them from spreading out once they've been snugged up and joined. I said, I'm a little fuzzy this morning. I first read it like you put the shuttle throught the loop twice but you wouldn't use a lock join on a ring (and I didn't have time to do the TIAS) so ignore me if this doesn't make sense!

    :-) Gina

  3. Forgot to mention the lovely crocheted doily...yes, crochet is much faster than tatting rips out faster if you make boo-boo! And it's faster than knitting too, IMO. But I still LOVE tatting!
    :-) Gina

  4. Don't be too upset with yourself. Everything in life is a learning experience. :) I think she looks adorable. Love the doily too.

  5. The doily is beautiful and I agree with you crochet works up a lot faster than tatting.

  6. SO, she's a blue-eyed beauty with pin-curls (she hasn't let her hair down, yet) and an oval face (the perfect shape) and a green thumb(very talented with the plants). No one wants to be a cookie-cutter woman anyway! She's fabulous!

    Sometimes I knit when I want some crafting "instant gratification"...LOL

  7. Zarina, I hate hiding ends too so I try to limit the number of ends that I'll end up with.

    Kathy, the TIAS has been a very interesting journey. I don't go for tatted figure(human or animal)so I am not too disappointed not to finish this properly.

    Clyde, Gina, crochet to me is usually fillers for the in-between periods of tatting.

    Tattingchic, totally agree with you - variety is the spice of life (did I get that quote right?)

    I feel better already, LOL.

  8. I think your little lady is pretty! She's just old fashioned and her hair is under a mob cap. Isn't she wearing to different colored gloves because the matched ones are missing? There are so many possible explanations!

    Your doily is beautiful! I agree... crochet works up much faster than tatting. Right now I have two knit lace scarves and a knit shawl in progress, two crocheted doilies, one crocheted edging, one tatted doily, and one tatted bookmark. I am also in the middle of three books. To top it off, my sewing room is a mess because I'm reorganizing it. I guess my excuse is... variety is the spice of life!

  9. The TIAS look very cute. And the doily is so awesome, very well done.


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