Tatting ... but ... What is it?

I have been tatting a couple of things these past few days ... but I don't know what I am tatting.

First off, it's Jane TIAS. Here is my Day 8. I put in my guess to Jane, but as expected, I did not get any little bit of hint from her.

But it is looking very much like the shape of a woman's body in a long dress. The lower part with the beads is the skirt, and the upper part with the button is the bodice. The next part is to make the head, and arms. I even suggested to Jane that this lady might be holding a parasol. And, the bonus that Jane is talking about that will come at the end of the TIAS might just be a gentleman friend of this lady here!

You know, I have this sneaky feeling that Jane doesn't have the final design figured out yet. She is working and changing it as the guesses are coming in so that she can side-step all of us, he...he...he...

The other piece is a mystery so I can't show it here yet. It is a challenge that Gina is currently having on her blog where she gives a written pattern without the picture. Then, you try and tat it up and see if you can figure out the design. I think I did it correctly because I can see the semblance of a motif in it and I got the number of repeats done as in the pattern. All can only be revealed on the 15th, so you and I have to wait until then to see if I managed to get it right. But I am still lost with the edging pattern.


  1. I still don't know what it is either, but I do know yours looks much better than mine!

  2. We all have to wait and find out together. I think all the one's I've seen so far look great.

  3. We all have no clue and are just waiting patiently for the completion so we can all be 'out of the dark' with this Tat It And See...LOL.

  4. Thanks for visting my blog and leaving a comment. I guess my cat guess was incorrect. LOL
    Your tutorial on the mock ring and split ring. I will be printing them out and study them very closely.


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