Hearts on a string

After reading Steph's comment to my previous post about seeing hearts in the edging, I decided to make it again. This time I made each repeat in one colour so that it alternates between the pink and the green.

I am calling this design Hearts on a String. I may put up the instructions in a different post.

And now, a little about Taking the Corner 101 0r How to turn the edging corner. This is not a tutorial but more of a tip on how to do it.

My one only tool for this is a small frameless mirror that has a straight edge.

What I do is position the mirror on the edging until I get a tat-able shape of a corner that I like. This is one example of a corner that I got.

Doing it on a cutting board with gridlines on it makes it so much easier to get the square corner. But you can get different angles to the corner if you rotate the mirror sideways while keeping the corner fixed.

By moving the mirror along the length of the edging, I can get different shapes of corners like the ones shown below.

After I have decided on the corner that I like, I then may have to add one or two rings or chains to improve on the shape further. That's it! - How I turn the corner.


  1. Jon, your hearts on a string is a delightful little pattern. Thank you for sharing your technique on turning a corner. I love the cutting board idea with the grid lines. I hadn't thought of that one! LOL

  2. This edging is so pretty and the alternating colors really show it off. Thank you for the help with corners!

  3. Great tutorial. This is an age old way of making corners for edgings! Georgia Seitz even has a thing on using multiple mirrors to make doilies, but this is the best pictorial of it's use that I have seen! Great job! I like how you used the squared grid, too. Very nice.

  4. Linda, glad that it triggered something for you.

    Tattycat, Tattingchic, this is the simplest method that I know and it works very well for me. Come to think of it, most of the techniques in tatting are not really complicated at all. There are some that still bug me though - one of which is the Cluny style, :-}.

  5. What an idea!! love it... I think I can try that with crochet too.

    oh...btw, you have been awarded! details? check my place.

  6. I love the edging in two colors! I haven't used the mirror to figure out corners in tatting, but I used to use one to determine how I wanted to lay out quilt squares. I think I might just look for my mirror and follow your suggestion!

  7. Jon, THANKS! This makes perfect sense and is not at all what I thought Diane was saying. I needed the visual! I have a cutting board and a mirror - so I am in business!

    I love the heart border. Very pretty! Thanks again,
    Fox : )

  8. WOW how did I miss this it is a very pretty edging
    Joy in OZ

  9. Great instructions for creating a corner! Thanks! I was wondering also if this little 'String Of Hearts' edging pattern is available. Is it in one of your books? I didn't find anything about it on the site here, It would be perfect to frame my parents' wedding picture.


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