3 Jun 2008

Caught up with Jane's TIAS

I have been following Janes's TIAS from Day1 but did not join in until now. I guess, I was put off by having to use so many beads. I have used beads in tatting before. Most of the time, the beads are strung on the thread before tatting. I try to avoid putting beads on joining picots because my tiniest crochet hook is still not small enough to go through the holes in the beads that I have.

But, the recent discussion in the tatting community about how to add beads to tatting finally pulled me out of one of my 'duh' moments. With the many tips given, I finally took my shuttles and load up for the TIAS. And I did Day 1 right to Day 6 in one sitting. Here it is -

Still can't figure out what it is ... but after seeing the look of Day 7, I'll venture a guess. ... On the other hand, maybe not.

Anyway, I took a look at Day 7 but only at the diagram and thought .... It's the same as the other half, working in reverse. So, feeling clever, I did just that. I tatted the rest of it without looking at the written instructions. And ended up with this -

I didn't see the RW after SR19 and the right-side/wrong-side tatting for R20. Serves me right! If you look closely, my thread for Sh1 is on the wrong side of the ring.

Now I have to wait for Day8 to see which direction it is going. But I think it won't be much of a problem because the red thread of Sh 1 has run out and I have to add more thread anyway.

While I am on this, would the guesses on what this is be different if we had been looking at it this way?
Okay .... ignore that ..... just trying to be funny ;-)


  1. Whatever it's supposed to be it looks beautiful and you did a great job. Sounds like you learned a lot!

  2. I am glad you decided to try it and that you are pleased. I'm bad to get ahead of myself too sometimes, but you don't seem to have done any permanent damage. I've turned it everyway but inside out and still don't know what it is!

  3. Hi Jon! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the colors you're using for the TIAS. I have been snooping around your blog. You have lovely patterns. I bookmarked the How-To for the daisy picot. I definitely have to work on that technique now. It's lovely.

  4. Jon - I love the colors of the threads and beads. I just visited Yee Button y-day and came back with more than what I have intended. Should have taken pictures last night - well tonight I'll publish the journal entry.

  5. Tattingchic, it's all learning as I go. With so many helpful and innovative people around, you'll never be short of new things to learn.

    Tattycat, Jane is quite a teaser, isn't she? Guess we'll all have to wait for the final day to know what it is.

    Thank you Steph, I hope the tutorial is helpful.

    I used Apple beads for this. I bought them from the local craft shop near my house. The thread is Flora size 20.


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