How to make a Split Ring

Split rings need the use of two shuttles. For the purpose of clarity, I used two threads of different colours joined with a knot at the beginning. Shuttle 1 is the one with the red thread and Shuttle 2 holds the white thread.
Take Shuttle 1 and loop it round the finger to make the usual ring with, say 5-5, but do not close the ring.

With the loop still round the fingers, turn the palm of your hand upwards. This position is usually called the dead spider position. Imagine a dead spider with its legs in the air.
Now, with Shuttle 2, begin by making the 2nd half of the double stitch onto the working thread but without flipping it, followed by the 1st half, also unflipped. What you will get is a set of double stitches made with the thread from Shuttle 2 in white, (right)

But I've never felt comfortable holding it by the dead spider method. Instead, after making the required number of double stitches with Shuttle 1, I take the working thread off my fingers and turn the work around so that that doublestitches of Shuttle 1 are now at the bottom. Then, I place the working thread back on my fingers. You can try either way and see which suits you best.

Just like earlier, I use Shuttle 2 to make the other half of the split ring with the double stitches unflipped.

This is how the double stitches on the core thread should look like when done and before the ring is closed.

To close the split ring, pull the thread from Shuttle 1, and you will get a ring with the threads coming out at the opposite side from where the ring was started, as shown on the right.


  1. Nice pictorial I am putting a link from my blog to this post for newbies. If that's okay with you. I try to have as many different versions of a method as possible available because different people learn in different ways.

  2. Jon you do a wonderful job of demonstrating and teaching techniques. This should help all of those who haven't maswtered the split ring to do so!

  3. Very instuctive! I wish I hade seen your photos before I found out how to do them!

  4. Thank you TattingChic, Tattycat and Omonsan.

    Tattingchic - thank you for putting the link to here in your blog.

    I will be happy if my tutorial is able to help someone in any small way. I don't have a camera to shoot videos, so it will be pictorial from me. There'll be another one coming soon.....:-)

  5. hi jon,

    i am a new comer to visit your the first glance itself it is very wonderful....and interesting to learn..hats off your great mission of sharing your knowledge with fellowbeings...wish you all the best....

  6. Dear Jon,
    Thank you for posting this tutorial. Your way of explaining split rings is so simple and effective. I was tatting away in no time!
    Thank you!

  7. Question... When you turn the thread around with the first stitches now at the bottom, do you still do the second half of the stitch first and then the first half?

    1. Yes KarenP. For the second side of the split start with second half of the doublestitch. Remember NOT to flip it.

  8. Thank you!! I have used your demonstration a few times now, I hope to catch on soon!


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