Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Victorian Heart for International Tatting Day

Today is designated the International Tatting Day!

And to celebrate it, I worked on Laura's Victorian Heart. I was so eager to finish it, I made a boo-boo at the end. I was a little too quick with the scissors and totally forgot about the extra ring at the tip. Click here to see how it should be.

I will make another one - correctly this time.
I am so sorry about that, Laura. Your design is beautiful.


  1. Happy Tatting Day! Your pink heart is still pretty. So far I've celebrated by eating some chocolate and looking at tatting. According to this website http://www.holidayinsights.com/other/tatting.htm eating chocolate is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate tatting day. LOL

  2. Thanks Jon. I appreciate you tatting my designs. The heart looks sweet, even without the extra ring at the tip. I'm working on something of yours, by the way.
    Happy International Tatting Day!

  3. Jon, your tatting is so beautiful! Some day I hope to achieve your level of expertise!

  4. I'll wait to see what it is, Laura.

    Diane, there are many things that I have yet to learn in tatting. Still a long way to go.

  5. Hey Jon, My first time on your blog. I absolutely love your designs and tatting. I am a newbie and I'm trying to learn. I think I'l be trying your Daisy Picot snowflake. Thanks for the pattern.

  6. Hi Jon,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I think I would really like you to be my friend and tatting buddy. I have been reading all your posts and I think I can really learn a lot from you. :)

    Jee... I really don't know many tatters and I guess you get the honour of being one of my first tatting friends. Ais Happy!

  7. Hi Jon, It is always a please to browse through your site. Your tatting is beautiful! The little heart is so pretty in the white and pink threads. Thanks for visiting my site too!


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