Thursday, 27 March 2008

Granny squares crochet bag

..... at least that is what it is going to be.

I started on this a long time ago but got sidetracked with the snowflakes. I am taking a breather from the snowflakes for now.

While wondering what to do, I dig up my UFOs and came across the squares. Some square were already joined up as my intention was to make a bag. But this time round I decided to make it smaller. So, I unpicked the ones already joined and rearranged the squares and joined them up all over again.
The bag appear standing because I placed a thick dictionary in it for the picture.

This is how it looks flattened.

It is still not finished. I am crochetting a few more rows at the top for a heading. Then there is the handle/strap/sling or whatever that I have to make ... as soon as I can figure out how to do it. I might also consider putting in a hard plastic or cardboard for the base to keep the boxed shape of the bag.

After this, I'll have to start on the Pay it Forward gifts .....

Update - 29 March 2008
I finished the bag today. Here is a picture of it hanging from the front door latch ... for want of a better place, :-) Nobody was around to hold it up for the shoot..


  1. It's lovely and the colours just right. The bag looks really sturdy.

  2. Your bag is lovely! I haven't made granny squares in years, but maybe I should. Then, I could have a bag like yours and use up some of my stash!

  3. Very nice bag Jon. I like it and you probably needed a break from the snowflakes!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful congratulations Faizon

  5. Thank you, thank you. I crochet or sew when I need a break from tatting. I have some more left over squares from the same project and am making another bag, this time a little bit smaller than this one. Pictures when done.


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