Thursday, 13 March 2008

Going over it again......

... and again, and again and again.........

During the past few weeks I have been going over some of my earlier designs. working with the draft of the pattern instructions. I was testing to make sure that the instructions are correct, and can be easily understood and followed.

But I have this problem - each time I re-do a design I will end up tweaking the old design, trying to make each one look better than the earlier version. Like these, for examples. The ones in white are the first version.

Now, I am not sure which ones look better.

Another remake is this small mat made up by joining up six motifs. The original design is the one on the left. I tried it again in two colours. I like the new one better. Notice that I have changed the curve of the chains in the 2-colour version.

Some doesn't work our so well like this one on the right. In the first version, the group of rings that form the points of the snowflake are not joined together. I thought joining them up will make the design hold up firmer. But the design is beginning to skew (to the left, in this picture). Not giving up on this yet, even if there is a lot of unpicking to do - or just cut and begin again.

And, along the way, I came up with a couple of new ones.


  1. All your pieces are fabulous! I'm not sure if I prefer the original pattern or the new one. I love the white, but the colors really bring out the design. Will there be a book soon?

    I wish we all lived close enough that we could get together and tat on a regular basis... what great fun that would be!

  2. Hello Jon:
    How much those hands have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have made a very beautiful work.

  3. LOL, I do the same thing! Even when I tat other's patterns I cannot help but to throw my own flavor on it....

  4. Jon, these are all beautiful. I don't know which ones look best either. I like them all! You do such a terrific job. Why not include both versions in your book?

  5. I think a lot of us are never satisfied, and always trying improvements. All your work is beautiful.

  6. LOL, glad to know that I'm not the only one whose fingers are always turning things over and changing stuff here and there, :-)

    Again LOL ... Diane, Laura, I think I have to force myself to stop the tweaking at some point and really work on that book.

  7. Hi Jon,

    All the motif's are lovely. I can't choose either. My favorite is the motif in pink and green made into a mat! Your new designs are great too! I hope you publish a book with these patterns! Happy Tatting


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