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Monday, 25 February 2008

Old motif revisited

Remember this motif from Tatting with Anne Orr? I wrote about this in my January 13 post. I am working on this again but with a slight difference.

I am trying to go as big as I can with this motif, repeating each segment continuously without having to cut the thread. I only started this last night and have only reached this far....

I have finished the first segment and made a turn at the end and am now in the middle of the second segment. I don't know yet which way I will make the turn for the 3rd segment.

The thread that I am using is DMC Dentelles 80, colour code 109. I have not used fine thread much in my tatting, so this will be a good practice.

And look what I received from Laura - some samples of hand-dyed thread! Yay!!!!

After reading so much about hand-dyed thread written by most of you, finally I can try it myself. Thank you Laura. Laura has included a rose snowflake and a cute celtic snail.

I have to find the right design for these ... I don't want to waste them, :-)

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