Saturday, 16 February 2008

More on the Snowflake Evolution

Remember this snowflake from my earlier post?
Well, I tatted it again with a couple of small changes. First, I made the long picots in the centre slightly smaller.
The second change is - I joined up the small rings that form a circle in the centre.
And the result is this new version ....
Making the long picots shorter make them more defined. By joining up the small rings, the picots are evenly spaced and form a more prominent shape of a daisy in the centre.

And here is another design, a very simple one, using the technique of self-closing mock rings all round, with a thrown-off ring on top of each one.


  1. Jon, these are beautiful snowflakes! I love the way you modified the first pattern so that the daisy stands out!

  2. I love them all! I just can't wait for this book.

  3. wow, Faizon. u're really becoming a tatted snowflake SIFU! :P

  4. All of your snowflakes are lovely but the pink daisy one most of all. When is the book out?


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