Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Evolution of a Snowflake

I thought I'd share with you the various stages that I went through with my snowflakes design, instead of just posting the finished one.

It began with this one. When I started, what I wanted to produce was the slight curve in the chain and I was thinking of something like a fleur-de-lis for the point of the snowflake. I think I managed to get the curve but wasn't happy with the point. That would be obvious because you can see that I tried several different ways for the points of the snowflake.

I finally decided on the style that I wanted and started on a new one. I wasn't happy with and cut off the thread before I got any further. The points were cuppping a bit, even though you can't really see it in the picture on the left.

Not happy with how it is taking shape, I decide to change the design a little. I made the picots of the centre ring long and change the form of the points. It seems to look okay but somehow not quite what I wanted. The chains that are holding the thrown-off ring are not in symmetry with each other. I think this may be due the self-closing-mock-ring. But I continued and finished it anyway. I wanted to see how the long picots spread out when joined. They looked like they are evenly distributed but now it is the thrown-off rings that I am not happy with. I think they have be held in place.

I did it all over again, and this time, instead of six picots in the centre ring, I made twelve. Well, eleven actually, because the last is a mock picot joining to a split ring used to climb out from the centre. And this is what I end up with. I am happy with it .... for the moment.

Though, if I were to make it again, I may join up the small rings together. Oh dear.... I hope I can remember where all the RW, DNR and the SS are. That is why I have to tat this again in order to write up the instructions.


  1. I really like your designs for snowflakes. I even like the ones you discarded!

  2. Fascinating! I hope I can develop some design skills one day. Seeing how others refine their work is a tremendous help. Thank you!

  3. I really like this Jon and I appreciate you sharing the process with us. Maybe one day....

  4. I love all your snowflakes and enjoyed reading about the evolution of the design. I just found your blog through the 25 Motifs one and will not browse through your past entries. Beautiful work!

  5. I actually really like the first snowflake. The negative space in the center makes a lovely ring of hearts. Have you considered re-working the center with a different tip?

  6. Hi Sarah, thank you for stopping by.

    Yes, the first one looks like there are hearts in it. But, because there are few joining places in them, the snowflake is rather floppy and does not hold its shape very well. I know that if stiffen well enough it will keep the shape, but I like to make mine such that it doesn't need blocking much, and a bit of pressing is sufficient.


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