Monday, 11 February 2008

All Blocked-Out

The on-going topic in the Online Tatting Class is on block tatting. It is a technique that I have not used before in my designs but I have tried it, learning through tutorials online.

I am so eager to learn more, so much so that I worked on the pattern even before the class meets. The pattern in the Block Tatted Heart by Sue Hanson.

The pattern was written in the traditional style for making blocks where you have to turn it after each row. Trying to be clever, I tatted the block in a way similar to Jane Eborall's method, but not quite the same, where I don't have to turn the block when making the next row of the block. Why did I say not quite the same as Jane's - I didn't feel like logging-in to the internet to actually look at Jane's method though I have an inkling of how it was done. So I made it up as I go along, but it was close.

And that is where the confusion starts.

At the second block, I have no idea which is the front side and which is the back side. I had to skip an SLT somewhere while doing the third part of the design.

By the time I reached block 4, I found my shuttles are swapped. I was using Shuttle 2 when the pattern says shuttle 1. It took a while to figure out block 4, had to undo a couple of times. Finally figured out that I need to do the double-stitches unflipped to start on block 4. That was not what the pattern says. And I missed a few mock picots in the blocks and had to really poke the crochet hook in to join the chains in the outer round.

Next time I should wait for the teacher to explain before starting, :-). Now, I have to attend class and see where I went wrong. Anyway..... at the end of it all, ta... daaaa......

Happy Valentine to you.

p/s Don't look too closely, you'd see the mistakes that I made, ;-)


  1. Your heart looks beautiful to me! Thanks for the Valentine's gift!

  2. i think it is a beautiful heart!!!
    greetings Marco

  3. Your block tatted heart looks so pretty. I missed this pattern, thanks for posting the link. I like the heart in the varigated thread.


  4. It is quite lovely Jon, however you accomplished it! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

  5. Thank you, thank you.

    During the online class, I found out the mistakes that I made. The obvious one is that the two blocks at the top are facing the wrong way. Don't how it came to be that way, LOL.

    The thread I used for thi is Manuela variegated size 20. I can't remember the colour code for it - the card that came with it got dropped off somewhere.

  6. I can't tell that you did anything wrong! The heart is lovely.


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