Monday, 21 January 2008

More Snowflakes

I guess I just can't help myself when ideas are working in my head. And these are what came out over a few days last week.

These measure between 2.5 inches to 3 inches, working with Flora 20.

And I have not written/drawn out the pattern for these yet. I've always wanted to make sure I write/draw out the pattern after each design is tatted, but I am afraid I will lose my train of thought for the new ideas that are running in my head if I stop to write each one as they are made.

Now I have these five snowflakes to write the patterns for, and the seven that I made earlier, and a few more that I made during my first outing in the 25 motif challenge. Help!!!!

23 January 2008

Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments.

Looks like the one at the bottom right is the clear favourite .. and it is my favourite, too. This is the first one from this group that I made. I am not good at giving names to my designs but this one will now be called The Twirl.

And yes, I am working on documenting the instructions.


  1. Very pretty Jon!!! I always look forward to seeing what you tat up next!!!
    LOL sorry can't help you with the writing part. But I sure do understand what you mean when those ideas start pouring in!

  2. Those are SO pretty. I particularly like the one at the bottom on the right. Please do write them all down before they melt.

  3. Jon, these are beautiful! Will you be publishing a snowflake book?

  4. Your designs are wonderful. Love the swirly one on the bottom right. Yes, please write the patterns down and maybe share them ;) Nice to see more snowflake patterns. Not a one are alike.

  5. These are great! My favorite one is on the bottom right!
    Yes, you must publish them soon so that Laura can add them to her rainbow tree!

  6. amazing, particularly the pinwheel one in the lower right. Hope you post the patterns soon.

  7. Love your snow flakes, specially the swirling one (bottom right)! And please listen to Jane Eborall :-)

  8. I can't decide which is my favorite, they are all wonderful!

  9. How are you this new year always love your work fun to see what you up too. I need to get better a computer stuff so i can share what i have been up to too. I love tatting and figuring out stuff too.


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