I love a Tatting Challenge

.... well, not exactly a challenge, but I was piqued by Mrs John when she wrote about the supposedly easy medallion motif from the Priscilla Book 2.

As I have some free time, and I am looking for medallions to tat anyway, I gave the pattern a try. Here it is all done -

Looking at the original pattern, there are three rounds - the small centre ring, the middle round where the long chains are, and the outer round with the clovers.

And my challenge here was to tat it from beginning to end without any 'tie and cut' in between rounds. And I did!

Rather than starting wirh the centre ring, I began with the long chain. I used two shuttle, wound CTM and slide a paperclip on the thread in between the two shuttle to hold a mock picot and start on the chain.

When I reach the part where the chain joins to the centre motif, I changed shuttle and make the centre ring. To make sure that the picots in the centre ring is long, I leave a short length of thread before starting this centre ring. And the rests of the picots in the ring will take this size. Then I continue with the rest of the chain and the small ring at the top of the chain, and follow the pattern as written.

After I have made seven of the small rings, I made the last chain, joining the length of chain on both sides, i.e to the previous chain and to the first chain. Then, I took out the paperclip at the beginning of the first chain and join the last chain to the mock picot made by the paperclip. The last small ring in this round is made as a split ring.

The last round is followed as written in the pattern.

To Mrs John, give this another try. It is a beautiful motif.


  1. Jon, this is beautiful! Thank you for describing how you adapted the pattern... I'll try following your instructions when my arm is healed!

  2. Oh wow, this is beautiful! Neat...
    I will (MUST) try again... although anything I do won't compare to your work!!! So wonderful... say, you turned my Terrible Troubles motif into a Wonderous Wheel! :) Thanks!

  3. Beautiful tatting, as usual, Jon, you're an inspiration.

  4. Hi Jon! I am impressed; this turned out lovely. I, too, thought there ought to be a way to avoid the "cut and tie". From reading the original pattern, I could not comprehend where one ran back down the chain - it seemed as though parts of the pattern were left out, I could understand Mrs. John's confusion. I ended up doing it in center, then the "spokes' and then the outer round. But I wasn't pleased with doing it this way. I thought about another approach, so it would be continuous; but, I didn't think of the way you did it - which obviously works. I do not quite understand your instructions about how you did this - but the result is lovely!
    Great Tatting!

  5. Kudos from me too!!! That's a clever fix with the center ring too!
    :-) Gina

  6. Thank you All, just my small contribution to the advancement of tatting. LOL!


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