An Analysis of a Vintage Design

I have looked at this design a number of times when flipping through the book Tatting with Anne Orr, but never felt like I want to tat it. I guess I was also intimidated by the way the instructions was written.

As luck would have it, I have some thread left in a shuttle with a reasonable amount in a ball, but not a lot for any big project. So, why not just do it and get it over with. Anyway, Mrs John has got me interested in trying out old designs, :-)

Surprise, surprise! I think this is a brilliant design. It is like an endless tatting. I can go on and on and on and make it as big as I want without any cutting and tying. The only time time I need to cut and tie is when I want to add thread to the shuttle.

And the stitch count for the rings and chain are consistent throughout. There is no need to go back to the pattern to check whether the stitch count is correct or not. After the first few rings and chains, I can forget about looking at the instructions page and just refer to the picture to see where to join next. And after a while, there is no need for the picture, even! To borrow JaneEb's term, this one can be made on auto-pilot.

But, can it be more than a triangular motif? Yes it can! Pardon me if I'm grinning ear to ear but I think this is beautiful even if I am the only one to say so ;-) For greater effect I may want to try again with two colours.

By adding an extra chain at the corner, I repeat the pattern for the triangle on the other side and it becomes a square. Didn't I say this is a brilliant design!


  1. I remember this design! I love your rendition... the color is beautiful! I'll have to take a peek at my Anne Orr book today!

  2. Yeap that is brilliant! I never thought much of the design too but since you've cleverly improved on it, it looks great!

  3. Wow, this is brilliant, as are you! I love it. I must have it! Are you going to write it up, or do I have to wait for your book? LOL We all need something we can tat on auto pilot and this is beautiful.

  4. This is a really cool pattern Jon. i think making it in colour really makes a difference with some of these old patterns. I really need to try this pattern.


  5. This pattern is in the apprentice T.A.T program. I did it in two colors and it is quite lovely!

  6. Another beautiful tatting Jon!!! I am trying to order Anne book.

    Thank you for sharing,you are such an inspiration!

  7. Jon, if I find and buy Anne Orr's book, can you help me with your improvements?

  8. That is great and so mid-century looking!

    I keep coming back to your blog and bookmarking your patterns but I'm afraid I'll never have time to make all those beautiful things.

  9. Thank you for leaving your comments. The Anne Orr book is certainly getting more interesting each time I look through it.

    Connie, Diane, the book is available at most online tatting store.

    Sure Laura, I'll be glad to help though I doubt if you need it at all. I have also figured out how to make this continuously into a bigger square, without cutting the thread.

  10. I got it ordered through our local book store. Hopefully it will be here soon!
    I just got 'A Tatters Workbook' and The Complete Book of Tatting'by Rebecca Jones just last Friday! LOVE them both!

  11. Oh, Jon, this was wonderful! I found the same 'pattern' as an edging... and could visualize it as two colors..... and so as soon I finish this note, I am off to begin it! :)
    I have Classic Tatting Patterns by Annie Orr.... and now I will get this one next!
    Now, a quick question: I have one more vintage pattern, that I would love to see what you do with! Are you up to another 'challenge'? :)
    Although, you must not stop or slow up on the snowflakes: they are WONDERFUL!
    Publish a book, and we will all order copies!

  12. Oh Mrs John, now you've put me in a spot, giving me an open challenge like this! Now, I can't really say no, can I? Got a reputation to maintain. No.. just kidding, LOL!

    I'm still game for another challenge, if I have the pattern with me.


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