Anniversary Gifts .................

The NNC group celebrated the first anniversary beginning of the month. We had a small (but very noisy) party and brought along some stitching gifts to be entered in an exchange draw.

I picked these items made by Janet in the draw, a patchwork wall-hanging and crochet coasters. Janet does wonderful patchwork and quilting, something that I have not tried before and don't think I will any time soon. Thank you Janet for the lovely pieces.

My contribution to the draw were these - three small doilies and a pin-cushion. The doilies are crocheted with size 20 thread, and the pincushion is tatted with Olympus Gold #40. The person who got my gifts is Mel, who had asked me to make the snowflakes in my earlier post.

This is a close-up of the pincushion. The pattern is adapted from the book A New Approach to Tatting. The originally pattern is for a potpourri pouch, but I made a mistake somewhere and by the time I realised it, I don't feel like starting over. The only way out that I can see is to turn it into into a pincushion. I think I like the pincushion better, :-)

Here are a few other smalls I received. A beautitful cross-stitch hanging ornament form MW. A pretty and practical flower pincushion from June - it can be tied to the wrist. Two lovely crochet bookmarks from Usha, and another pin cushion from Nik.

A big thank you to everyone for a wonderful afternoon and especially to Nik for being such a gracious host.


  1. So many pretty things. It looks like you all had great fun! The edging is very interesting. I have never seen anything joined that way. I can see that it does fill up the hole. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Hi Faizon,

    I chanced upon your blog from a link at Sitch Stash Store and I must say I love everything that u do! The workmanship is so neat and intricate!

    We seem to have exactly the same hobbies. I crochet and tat but do not knit. Simply can't get my hands off these 2 crafts. I do have some pics of what I had done lately in my LiveJournal blog @

    Do u mind if I add a link to your blog at mine?


  3. Hello Huiz,
    Thank you for visiting.


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