24 Aug 2007

A First Using Needle

I first learned tatting using shuttles and don't know any other way, until I found tatting on the internet. That was when I found out about tatting with needles ... I also found out about cro-tatting, but that is for another time.

I think I am getting along okay with using shuttles so I decided on the next thing that I should try, learn how to needle-tat. I couldn't find any needles in the local stores and had to order them online (from Georgia's store). It was not that difficult to learn the basics of making the ds, rings, chains and joins, i.e. after I got used to holding the needle and how to handle the thread. Well ... it is different from the way of using shuttle.

And ta... da.... my first completed work ... a simple rings-and-chains bookmark.

The pattern for this is from Dreams of Lace site. I used Manuela size 10 for this which fits the needle that I am most comfortable with right now. I dare not try the two finer ones .... scared that the needle might break, :D. I still need to get my tension right for needles, because I tend to close the ds tight when shuttle-tatting.

This is a start, woo.... wooo... can't wait to work on patterns with those beautiful Celtic designs. But that won't be so soon. Have lots more to learn about needle tatting. But one thing for sure, unpicking is very easy, he ...he ... he


  1. Do you need to flip when you needle-tat?

  2. I also tried to needle a few days back and managed with a crochet hook.


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