Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Earrings and sofa bed

Someone took a look at my hanging ornaments and asked if I can turn one into a pair of earrings. I did, and came up with this pair.

Still working with the idea of tatting up a plastic ring but, instead of putting a tiny motif in the centre, I strung up some beads for the picots. I know this is no where near the beautiful jewelery pieces that Marilee is making, but it is a start.

And, during one of those (rare, :p) spring cleaning sessions, I found this picture.

It is a picture of my room in the Henry Price Building when I was at the University of Leeds so many years ago.

But the thing that I wanted to show is the bedspread which I made. And the bed is really a sofa-bed and there were no bedsheets - we were only given sleeping bags to sleep in at night, sob.. sob. During the day, the sleeping bag was to be stashed away in the cupboard and the bed pushed against the wall to be turned into a sofa.

But sometimes, during the middle of winter when the snow was heavy and the central heating wasn't really working, I'd just feel like curling up in bed with a book or something - and a sleeping bag just didn't work so well. So, I crocheted this bed cover which I also used as a blanket. I can't remember what type of yarn that I used but it was made up of many hexagon pieces joined up together.

I wish I can remember where I put it now.......


  1. I love the earrings! I'd be tempted to make a pair if I could wear them... my ears swell no matter what kind of earrings I try. I had a similar bed my first summer at Eastern Illinois University! Our dorm was air conditioned, which I wasn't used to. I had a quilt on my bed that my mother made. It was squares stuffed with rolled up nylons, feather-stitched together. I wish I knew what happened to my quilt!

  2. that is beyyyooooooootiful!!

    it will definitely appeal to the girls who likes big earrings. jennifer lopez style!


  3. Hey Faizon,

    Lovely, lovely earrings. Can place order ah?

    I sincerely hope that you did bring that bed cover back to Malaysia!!!

  4. Jon, the earrings are lovely. How did you work the beads into the center? I don't think I know how to do that. I love the picture of your college room. I can't believe you crocheted that big bed cover. I hope you find it somewhere.

  5. The earrings are stunning. I really like the bed cover too!


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