Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Not Tatting but The Needle Case

Remember the tatted purse that I made for Marian in the Wish List Exchange that I wrote about earlier? Well, I am happy to say that I have received the needlecase that Marian has made for me in exchange, and what a beautiful and useful gift it is.

Marian is a quilter, and I am not! So I didn't know what to expect from her. I was lost for words when I open the package when it arrived. What a wonderful piece of work and so beautifully done. And the small touches that Marian has added to it -

like the tiny embroidered butteflies, and the plastic scissors decorating the front.

The pocket at the back for the scissors is useful too.

And she has even put in my name as well.

And what do you think of the tiny pincushion on the inside?

How I agree with Barbara when she termed it an EVERYTHING case rather than a needle case.

And to add to everything else, Marian had included a tiny bag that she made from beads. She said it is the first time that she tried working with beads. Looking at it, I am looking forward to seeing more beadwork coming from you, Marian!
Thank you again, Marian. You have been a wonderful exchange partner.


  1. I love the needle case! I saw it on Marion's blog but I didn't want to sign up for a Live Space ID to tell her how much I liked it. (tell her she has another fan!) As a quilter I was already dissecting it to make myself one. Your pictures show scale well...I thought it was smaller!

    Now that I've "discovered" needle tatting it would be a wonderful item to put some on. I joined the 25 motif challenge but my self-imposed sub challenge will be to make something using 25 motifs. And the same thing can't count twice!

  2. What lovely comments you made about the needlecase, and the little beaded bag. Thank you.You too were a wonderful exchange partner.
    I love your work whichis shown here, I would love to learn tatting at some point. Marian


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