Sunday, 24 June 2007

Square and diamond

This square motif doesn't appeal much on its own. It was something that I designed earlier but just left it at that. Then while looking for patterns to show to some pupils who are learning tatting from me, I decided to make this again.

But, instead of leaving it as a square, I joined up four motifs together. Now, it is looking much better. I really like the way the centre comes together in this one.

Besides that, I also made this simple rings bookmark to explain 2-shuttle tatting to the class.


  1. I really like the diamond and I've even tatted it as a motif for the challenge. But your idea of joining 4 motifs together is super! Yeap the centre is really nice. That goes into my to do list!

  2. Jon, I really love the square motifs you joined together. The end is marvelous. It is amazing the change when they are joined. The bookmark is lovely as well.

  3. Is it possible you give me the pattern of this square. I love it.
    thanks.... it looks great all joined.

  4. Jon, I am so glad you shared the pattern of this diamond! I mad a rectangular doily from it for my MIL.
    Take a look here:
    Greetings from Germany,


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