12 Jun 2007

How to make a Double-stitch

I am experimenting with writing a tutorial here, so bear with me for a while. I'm using photographs only for this , not clever enough to make a video yet, :-)

Right .... How to make a double-stitch ... here goes -

This is to make a double-stitch on a ring.

1. Wrap the thread around the fingers and pinch the beginning and the end of the thread together so that it doesn't slide. Keep the thread taut by stretching out the middle finger.

2. With the shuttle thread over the hand, slide the shuttle upwards between the loop made by the shuttle thread and the thread between the pinch and the middle finger. Bring the shuttle over the finger thread and outwards to the right.

3. Pull the shuttle thread slightly to get something like this.

4. Now relax the middle finger while pulling the shuttle thread. If you do it slowly, you can see that the thread is beginning to flip.

5. Pull the shuttle thread taut and the loop is transferred to the thread round the fingers.

6. Slide the the loop slowly towards the pinch, controlling it using the middle finger while maintaining the tautness in the shuttle thread.

The first half of the double-stitch is done. Now, for the second half.

7. Now, let the shuttle thread hang over the front and slide the shuttle from the top, between the finger thread and the loop made by the shuttle thread.

8. Bring the shuttle down and you get a loop like this.

9. Again relax the middle finger and pull the shuttle thread to make the flip.

10. As with the first half, while maintaining the tautness of the shuttle thread, slide the flipped thread to wards the first half.

Voila! You have made a double stitch.

This is how a row of double-stitch looks like.

To test whether you are flipping correctly, pull the shuttle thread slightly. If it slides, or is alive as someone I know terms it, then you are doing it right.

Click here for a printable version of this tutorial.

That's it, my little contribution to tatting, LOL. Other tutorials may follow.

Thank you to all that have left comments about this. It certainly is very encouraging and you can look out for more tatting tutorials from me.


  1. Thanks Faizon for having the tutorial here, so that I can my refresher class. Look forward for next tutorial..

  2. Hello! I got here from the 25 motif page and saw your fantastic tutorial. Your pictures are lovely! I wanted to say though that I'm not sure that picture #2 is entirely clear. I know what you mean about yarn over the right hand but your photo doesn't actually show that and it was something that confused me as a beginner. I don't intend to be mean, just to offer constructive criticism that might help. I got the idea from your post that you were looking for that type of comment. Your work is so beautiful (the tutorial and the tatting), thank you so much for such a lovely blog! ~Becky~

  3. Thank you Becky for your comments. I think I understand what your mean about pic #2. I'll try again and take a better one to replace it.

  4. You have done a wonderful job on your tutorial! I'm sure it will help a lot of people. Thank you for making the effort to put this together and for sharing it.

  5. Great photos, Jon. When I was trying to learn to tat, the only way I figured it out was from a magazine that had 'real' photos like yours. I am sure it will help someone greatly!
    Thanks for posting them.
    Carol (aka battatter)

  6. I've only had a tatting needle 3 weeks...went out and bought a cheap shuttle but remain at a loss and may have to stick to learning more with the needle for now.

    I feel better thinking, "you lost me at step 2" though now that I've read the comments! Maybe it's not just me?

    I still knit like I learned when I was 8...no fingers wrapped with yarn. Starting to look like tatting shuttles will give me issues when it comes to wrapping threads around them as well!

  7. Muy linda enseñanza pena que no se pueda traducir, gracias


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