Started a very ambitious project

I have been thinking about making another tablecloth for my large dining table and finally started on it a few days back. Like the earlier one, it will also be crocheted. Another motivation is from Emily who has been showing off her crocheted bedspread in progress. So, I thought there will be someone to move me along if I slacken.

I have chosen a filet crochet as my motif. It is actually a square doily on its own but I think it will make a nice tablecloth when joined together.

The pattern is quite easy, but it took longer that I thought for the first motif to be completed because I kept forgetting to finish the X's in for the cross double-crochet (the portion done with the brown thread). Had to undo a few times because of that. Luckily it is crocheted, I can just pull the thread to undo. If it had been tatting, out come the scissors!

When finished, it looked scrunched up at the corners, but hopefully it will turn out right when joined together. I have finished one ball of the ecru thread which took me short of four rounds to complete the second piece. Going by this, I think I may need about 40 balls of ecru. The brown does not take up so much thread seeing that I'm tying up lots of air in between, :)