Edging for Tablecloth

I have been working on an edging of sorts for a table-cloth, on-and-off, for the last month or two. It is made using an antique pattern, downloaded free from the internet. (Sorry, I can't remember the link but I think it is from the Priscilla Tatting Book 2).

The tablecloth is 2-textured piece, an organza centre with a calico border in white. And, unlike the normal edging, I will not be attaching it at the edges. It will be appliqued on the calico at the corners. You can see how it will be in the picture, when I actually sew it on.

I am almost finished with the second corner. The original pattern has another outer row of rings made with one shuttle, shuttle-joined to the picots on the chains. But I was having problem with that, I could not make the rings lie flat. After making a few, the rings started to fold over each other. I tried again by giving giving some length to the thread for the shuttle join but still couldn't get it right. So I am leaving it out at the moment and work to complete the 'easier' part first. Will give it another try before attaching them to the corners. I am trying to convince myself that it is looking good as it is, :-)


  1. Lovely edging indeed! Very classy. Is the table-cloth store bought?

  2. I really love your work...it's so fine!
    I think this edging looks perfect the way it is.

  3. This is such a clever placement of the lace. I love it! Beautiful pattern too.
    :-) Gina

  4. This edging is beautiful Jon. The cloth will be a priceless treasure!


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