Monday, 12 March 2007

WIPs - update on another doily

Here is the update on another doily that I have started on, which was mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Just to refresh, here is the pic again (right).

I have added another three rounds to it and the doily has expanded to just over 6 inches in diameter. I am making the next round with a series of split rings and I think that round is going to take a bit longer to finish.

I have also started on a new project, this time an edging. The pattern in from one of the antique pattern book, from Priscilla Book 2 (I think). I am not making it into a full edging, but only at the four corners, which I will then applique to a tablecloth. I had to make some changes to the pattern to take this into account. This one is also going to another present for someone. Pictures of that will be in the next update.


  1. It's looking good already, love the colour!

  2. The blue doily is beautiful. Will you please share the pattern. I would love to do one too.
    Nivedita in Calcutta, India


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