Thursday, 29 March 2007

One item - different uses

This item started as a decorative cover for a jar, in this case an empty jam jar, using a couple of designs that I had made separately before.

I started with a round centre motif, one the designs in my 25-motif challenge. Then I added two rows of rings and chains, but done so that it forms a round upright shape. The next round is a round edging that form a bit of ruffles. After I have finished it, I string a strip of lace in the space between the upright rings-and-chains.

This would be nice to decorate any home-made jam or pickle jars to give away.
Used with a lid over the jar
It can be a container for a potpourri or scented bath soaps.
Used without the lid of the jar
Or, you can fold the two rounds of ring-and-chains over each other and it will turn into saucer-shape or shallow bowl, which is something like this. String the lace through the two folded rings together and it can be a coaster for a small glass or a candle stand.

A coaster or base doily for a candle stand

As a candle stand
You can also add a tiny cushion in the centre and turn this into a pin-cushion or maybe a ring pillow for a wedding. Sorry, I don't have pictures for these because I don't have the material to make the cushion. Or used on its own it can be a doll's hat.

Thank you for all your comments. The finished piece fits over a jam jar with lid that measures 2.5 inches or 6.5 cm across, using size 20 thread.

Updated: The pattern for this coaster/jar cover/candle base is available here.


  1. That is really versatile and lovely tatting!

  2. This is so pretty and versatile. You have a great imagination. One that I envy. Thanks for the great ideas and for always sharing.


  3. Beautiful. I'd like to copy your design. Hope you won't mind. What thread - brand and size did you use?

  4. How lovely and dainty! I happened on...tat-calendar and am enjoying visiting the links.

  5. It looks fabulous and really puts the jar in a different lovely
    Thanks for sharing
    Joy in OZ


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