Thursday, 22 March 2007

Mignonette style doily - remade

I completed one of my WIPs - another remake of an earlier entry to the challenge, the
mignonette style doily. I was not very happy with the first one because the outermost round scrunched up and did not lie flat.

The centre is made of a group of daisies, followed by three rounds of rings joined the mignonette style. Picking up the centre motif, I made a string of daisies for the final round. The thread is manuela variegated in size 20.

This second attempt was modified so that I can truly say that it is can totally be made with one shuttle. And I really did use one shuttle for the centre cluster of daisies. .... But cheated on the last round when I think of how many ends I had to finish, :-D. I actually used two shuttles for the last round, to make the split rings to go to the next daisy.
Still working on writing up the pattern for the motifs of the challenge. What's taking so long is drawing up the charts. I only manage to complete one a day for the simple round motifs. Don't know how long it will take when I start work on the more detailed designs.


  1. Stunning! I like the colors you used. I am partial to copper shades and creams ;) Glad the second attempt at mignonette worked out so well. Good use of the two shuttles. Don't always have to follow the norm :-D

  2. Hi Jon, I really like this doily. I must learn this mignonette join. Your daisies are always so pretty!

  3. That's looks so delicate and the colours truly lovely!


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