Wednesday, 7 March 2007

A Doily Finished

I have completed the doily that I started with the motif 19/25 that I posted in the challenge earlier. I started towards the end of December and finally finished it a few days ago. The full size measures 15inches or 38cm square, made in size 20 Manuela multicolour in shades of yellow, lavendar and pink. You can' really see it in the picture.

This doily will be given away as present, to whom or for what occassion I will not say right now, until after the event. I hope the persson who will receive it will like it.


  1. That is just so perfect and a beautiful piece of art. The recipient will surely be one lucky person!

  2. COOL! Nice design and I like how it isn't just a normal square doily. I like the inset part on the edge and the flower motif trails. I am sure the recipient will adore it!

  3. The doily is gorgeous and I'm sure the recipient will love it.


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