Thursday, 15 February 2007

It was Fun - Snowflakes in February

It has been a rather exciting and wonderful time for me these past six months. Sometime in August last year, I took up the challenge posted by Sharon to tat 25 motifs within a year. I wasn't sure how long it will take me to finish the 25 motifs, and added to that I wanted to put up my designs where possible.

Well .... I have completed my 25-motif challenge. I managed to put up 24 of my own designs. The only one out is a snowflake that I made from a pattern by Vida Sunderman.

I want to thank Sharon for this challenge. I've gotten to know so many wonderful tatters from all over the world, and learn new tricks and tips and techniques in tatting. But most importantly to me, I have surprised myself - that I am able to produce my own designs. What makes it much more heartwarming is the positive comments that I received from every one about them.

I know it is one day late for Valentine's Day, ... and snowflakes in February?

But I want to share this with everyone anyway. You are all wonderful! I hope you can see the hearts in the snowflake, and I know certain countries are still snowed over at this time of the year.

Hearts Snowflake

Round 1

R1(3-3-3-3-3-3) cl R and RW.
C1(3-3) RW.
R2(4-4-4-4) cl R and RW.
Repeat C1.

Repeat from R1 until you have 6 rings of R1 and 6 rings of R2, and join the last chain to the first ring.

Round 2

Make a clover as follows, - R1(2-4-4-2), R2(2+4-4-2), R3(2+4-4-2). DNR
Switch shuttles and make a chain C(2+4-4-4), join to the last picot of the 3rd ring in the clover.
Then, shuttle join to the middle picot of R1 of Round 1, and continue with the next part of the chain with (4-4-4-2).
Switch shuttles and repeat the clover. This time, for the first ring in the clover make (2+4-4-2) where the join is to the last picot of the previous chain.

Repeat the clover and the chain until the round is complete. Join the last chain to the first ring and tie and cut.


  1. kind of design...simple and yet classy. Thank you so much.

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Thanks for all of your designs that you have shared with us. I, for one, have really enjoyed tatting your creations. I appreciate all of your comments on my blog too. By the way, my husband would love to trade you our cold weather for your balmy weather! We are never satisfied, are we?


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