Monday, 26 February 2007

Finishing up - mostly

Thank you for all the comments that I received upon completion of my 25-motif challenge. I am now writing up the patterns for the designs that I have made for the challenge.

I have reworked one of the motifs because the stitch count was not quite right the first time round. I think it looks better this time. I have to start over one of the bookmarks because I had given it away before I wrote out the pattern completely.

At the same time, I am working very hard to finish a table-topper that I am making with one of the doily motifs that was put up in the challenge. I added a few other smaller motifs to fill it up. I need four repeats to make a square piece and am now on the fourth one. Then there will be one final round to tie up all the motifs together. This will be given away as a gift, and I have to get it done by end of March.

I have also started on another rework, a circular lace which will be about 14 inches when done. This is the first large lace that I designed, when I took up tatting again. At that time I didn't know about split rings and split chains or even about tidying up the ends. So there are ends at every round which are all in knots. While working on this, I learned about split rings, and incorporated it into the design .
This is the first two of nine rounds. And I made some changes to the original design along the way, to make it better, hopefully. You'll see more of this as I add more rounds to it.

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  1. Great round up and congratulations on completing the challange!

    That 14" diameter is gonna be a beauty, am sure of it! :)


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