Links to Special Techniques and Patterns

On this page are links to tutorial of tatting techniques, tips and useful information that I found online provided by other tatters.  Thank you for sharing so generously so that we can benefit from it too.

  1. Alternating Colour Daisy Picot Flower as explained in the Online Tatting Class - by Jeanne Lugert
  2. Beads in SCMR with a lock join closing of ring - by Sharren Random Stitches
  3. Floating Chains by Terry Nimmer
  4. Joins comparison of Shuttle Join, Roll Join and Catherine Wheel Join - by Tatting Fool
  5. Looped tatted Rings thread inside a bead - by Tatting Fool
  6. Loop Tatted Ring (LTR) - another tutorial by Anastasija Yeliseyeva
  7. Mock Ring with a Bead in the Centre - by Yarnplayer
  8. Shuttle Capacity Chart - by Lily Morales 
  9. Slope and Roll Join another method of joining with the shuttle thread - by Debbie Arnold
  10. Two-coloured Spiral  - by Mariya Davidova
  11. Loop Made Chain as explained in the Online Tatting Class - by Anastasija Yeliseyeva
  12. A Study of 2-Shuttle Rings as explained in the Online Tatting Class -  Anastasija Yeliseyeva
  13. Small motif with 2-shuttles rings shared in the Online Tatting Class - by  Anastasija Yeliseyeva
  14. Needle Tatting Thrown Rings a technique that I have never really understood until now
  15. Celtic Knotted Picot - technique shared by Bina Madden of Paradise Treasure website
  16. Tatted False Plait with Beads - originally by Gina Brummet as explained in the Online Tatting Class
  17. Lark's Head Picot Join - pictorial tutorial by Lily Morales
  18. Ring on Ring - an element of the ANKARS Technique by Rina Stepnaya, as explained in the Online Tatting Class

Links to tatting videos:

  1. Bead in Centre of Tatted Ring - Marilee Rockley
  2. Bead in Centre of Mock Ring - Marilee Rockley
  3. Loop-Tatted Ring - Frivole