About This Blog

This is my tatting blog. 

And this is my definition of tatting.

Tatting is a form of lace work made with knots using thread that are grouped together into rings or chains and interspersed with decorative picots.  The way the knots, or double stitches as there are also known as,  are shaped and joined together create the variety of lace be it edgings, doilies, snowflakes, medallions and many more.

Tatting has developed from the traditional flat designs that are attached to collars, linens and hankies to wearable designs such as jewelry, and ornaments like sun-catchers and balls and other accessories.  Tatting has also gone three-dimensional where many designers have come up with flowers on stalks, character figurines  such as snowman, leprechauns and halloween monsters!

This is where I write about my passion for tatting and share my enjoyment of this wonderful delicate craft.  The posts are my insights into what I think of tatting.  My progress in the world of tatting is shown through its pages.  This development has come about from the feedback that I received from readers of the blog over the years, which I very much appreciate.

I have also included several pages of free tatting patterns of my own designs.  You may tat as many pieces as you like from these patterns or make them for sale.

My request is that you do not publish the original pattern in any forms, in print or electronically, and any reference to these patterns should be linked to my blog or the page of the blog where the pattern is shown.  I would appreciate if credit is given to me whenever you show the tatting that you have tatted from my patterns.

If ever, anyone were to say that tatting is a lost or dying art, I know it is totally untrue and I can point them to many interesting sites that will make them think again.
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Thank you for your time. Enjoy your trip through my world of tatting.  I have made a lot of friends through here and I hope you are one of them.