6 October 2020

Stories from my Father - Driving tests

My father had dementia for almost 15 years before he passed away in 2015. I am trying to pen down his life stories as he told me during the times when it was my turn to sit with him. I hope I can still remember them.

So, we were talking about driving and I asked if he feels that he can still drive. He was in the late 70s at the time we had this conversation. Any other men in reasonably good health would still be able to drive, but my father had dementia at the time of our talk. So ...

The conversation got around to how he started learning how to drive. I don’t know how old he was at that time, I forgot to ask. There was no driving school at that time where one would go to learn driving. He had asked a school teacher who owned a car to teach him. And, he was proud to say that he learned quite fast. Now, my father was known to be a proud person and like to tell me of his proud moments. Oh well ...

Anyway ... by the time he knew how to drive, he still hadn’t got a valid driving license.

Obtaining a driving license had another interesting requirement. To test for a driving license, you have to be a car-owner. It must be true since that was what he told me. Well, he bought the car from the school teacher who taught him to drive. RM600 and paid cash for it. That was more than 60 years ago and that RM600 is a huge sum of money. I didn’t ask where he got the cash from, or if his father gave him the money. Maybe I should have.

With the car-ownership certificate, he had no problem scheduling a date for the test, and easily passed it .

He had two friends who wanted to sit for the driving test as well but they did not own a car, so their tests were deferred until they can show proof that the each owned a car. And that was when my father came up with this clever idea.

He is willing to temporarily transfer the car-ownership to his friends to enable them to take their driving tests. After the test, the certificate will be transferred to his name again. His friends had to pay him some money for this arrangement. There was no fear of his friends driving off with his car because the car was never out of his hands. He drove them to the test centre on the day of the test, waited for them to finish and drove back after it. Another proud moment for him, how he managed to make some money off his friends, so he told me ....

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