4 Aug 2008

Summertime Exchange Gifts and tiny hooks

I took part in a Summertime Exchange organised for members of HBT Yahoo Groups. And just look at the goodies that I received from Susan BT. Here they are all together -

... and the close-ups ...

Star and Coats Tatting thread,
a Card that Susan has decorated with tatting,
and some blank ones for me to decorate myself.

A fabric hold-all which opens up to show these.........

A spool of Sulky thread,
Beading thread - I have not seen anything like this before,
Beads one in a phial and another in a smaller container,
A pack of floss threaders - woo...wooo ... now I can practice my clunys.
And the special thing about the hold-all - there are small pockets in there to stow away all the small stuff, clever idea!

Five Workbasket magazines - now I can understand what you are
talking about when referring to them in your posts,
A piece of linen hankie.

And the tatting part - a bookmark of Susan's own design,
a heart from Karey Solomon's Tatting with Buttons.

Susan also sent me some chocolates, but they didn't stand the heat and went all soft, but still in the wrappings. I put it in the fridge immediately and got to taste it after it hardened. Lovely - I love chocolate with hazelnuts.

On my part, my gifts are for Arlene. You can see what I made for her in her blog. I have enjoyed putting all the gifts for her, but the one that I like most is this bag that I made,

This is a close-up of the tatting on the bag.

And to make it a double celebration, the tiny hooks that I ordered from Georgia Seitz also arrived the same day. They are shown here with a shuttle for to show you the size.

The snowflake-in-the-making is using one of the balls of thread I received from Susan using a pattern from one of the Workbasket magazines. You can guess that I am so excited about receiving the summertime gifts that I started to work with them straightaway.

Thank you Susan for the gifts and Sue for organising the exchange. Doing my Happy, happy dance!


  1. salivating over all the pretty pretty sutff!!!

  2. Jon! WHat an awesome exchange gift you got from SusanBT. Everything is so nice! Lucky you to get some Workbasket mags! The bag you made for Arlene is lovely. Thank you for the closeup. I love how you added the teardrop beads. I love to do that with tatting. So beautiful. Your little crochet hooks are adorable, too.

  3. What a great exchange gift you received. Love the bookmark, heart, and beautiful edging on purse.


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