Thursday, 10 May 2007

More about the Crochet Tablecloth

Update on the ambitious project of the crocheted tablecloth.

Well, I made and joined the second motif to the first one . . . . and started to feel not so happy with it. I was using a size 4 hook for it and it sort of came out rather stiff.

So I unpicked the whole thing and got myself a size 2 hook, which is slightly larger, and did the two panels again and this is how it looked. It looked and felt okay and so I continued with the third panel, but I didn't finish it.

You see .... the unsatisfied feeling was still lingering. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was the thread that I was not happy about. It is expected I suppose. The thread is acrylic. After having worked with cotton for my tatting for so long, anything less would not feel so nice, except for maybe silk. I couldn't afford silk thread yet, make that ever!

So, I just thought, make or break, I have to get cotton thread for this tablecloth and got one from the store near my house. Don't ask me how much it costs, it still hurts whenever I think about it. But, I am consoling myself with how good it feels every time I touch it. And I am making sure that the finished piece will stand the time and be a family heirloom.

Because of this change, I decided on another design for the tablecloth - something that is rather quick and has a lot of air in between. You see, I am trying to make something that is quite large but at the same time doesn't use much thread. Stingy me!! Well, it didn't take long to make a motif actually, about two hours in front of the telly.

This is how it looks with four motifs done and joined together.

Each motif measures about 8.25 inches or 21cm diameter. The blank space in the centre will be filled up with a smaller motif. I have not done that yet because I was thinking of doing it in a different colour - and I have not decided on the colour yet.

As for the previous acrylic thread, all is not wasted. I only bought a few balls of it initially and now my daughter is using it to make a bag for herself.

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