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I am still sorting out the blog entries for my free patterns, so there willl still be patterns that are not accessible. My apologies.
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Sunday, 30 October 2011

More on the Square

This is as far that I have reached working on the square that was from here.

I have started over with a new thread for this piece, which is Milford size 40 in variegated blue.  I have been very good and had hidden the ends every two or three motifs.

This will be my working piece to keep me tatting, re previous post. I will go on until I finish that ball of thread shown in the corner. As it is now, the size is 19cm by 15cm.

This is my own design.  At this time, I am not sure if I will share the pattern.  I am not enjoying the creating and designing part of tatting right now.  Maybe I will when I get that excitement back, :(

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Now a Square

After working with triangles as in this post, I started on squares.

This is the square motif that resulting from several attempts. It is rather small even though I am working with size 20 thread, just about 1.75in or 4.5cm wide.

Joining up several of this square motif results in this little mat, still a work in progress.

This is a rather interesting exercise for me.  As you can see, the motif on its own has no outside picots that can be joined to.  I had to think ahead to the second motif while making the first one and think of where to join and how.  And this totally change the construction of the square compared to if it is on its own.  The resulting piece may need a little pressing when done, but I am satisfied with it at the moment.

Now, on the giveaway ...
As at the time of writing this, I will be making the draw of the winners later tonight.  That means there is still about six hours left for you to enter the drawing.  Good luck everyone.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dragonfly and Swan - chart ready

The chart for the dragonfly and swan that I showed in my previous post are ready. 

Click on the tab for 'Free Tatting Patterns' at the top of the page for the link.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Another motif of tatting over a plastic ring. You are going a few more of this type for a while to come.

This designed caused me to retro-tat at a point when I was already at the last ring of the second round. I know it would be easier to just cut and start over, but it is not a very large motif so I took the risk and survived the retro-tatting bit, :-) Now all done except for the tidying of the thread ends (which is another pet hate)

The thread is size 20 Hakelgarn Online and the plastic ring used measure 23mm wide

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Knot Garden

The Knot Garden - a garden of formal design, with detailed patterns of flowerbeds

That is the name that I have chosen for this doily. The idea for it came from Tattingchic when she commented that the colour combo that I picked for the motif looks "garden-like". It reminded me of the garden of the Versailles Palace in Paris that I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit a very long time ago.

As for the doily itself, I have completed four squares and it now measures 7.5in square or 19.5cm. I used up two skeins of Marilee's HDT size 50, one each of Fern and Golden Glow. There is enough thread to make one more square.

I had thought about adding another two squares, making it a 2 x 3 rectangle but decided not to. If I do that I may not have enough thread to complete this doily. I plan to add an edging to round up the squares. Still working on the design and the stitch count so that it can fit nicely round the squares.

More to come in Doily Part 3

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Anne Orr Medallion #38

Has anyone tried tatting the medallion #38 from the book Tatting with Anne Orr?

I had problems when making it the first time by following the pattern for the medallion exactly as in the book. I followed the instructions by making five repeats and the medallion cupped-up on me. So, I improvised and make it with six repeats and it turned out just right.

I made a small change to the design by adding an outward ring to each of the clovers in the last round. It now looks more like a hexagon that a round medallion.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back to Basics

My first tatting attempts was doing edgings. That was so long ago when I was about 10 yo. And it was not even my own tatting. It was a friend's and she was showing me how to tat.

A few days back, I had this flash in my mind about doing edgings again, but with an added factor. I noticed that most patterns for straight edgings only give the instruction for making the straight side. Very seldom do I see patterns that includes making the corners.

That is what I decided to do, make edgings and tat the corners as well. I started by designing these two simple edgings ... very basic. The outer one uses shuttle-and-ball while the inner one need two shuttles.

The added bonus in the centre is a square motif made by tatting the corners of the inner edging.

I may even do up my version for the corners of some vintage edging patterns and show them here. One question though - if I do that, will it be alright if I write up the instructions and post it here? I mean, I don't want to be infringing any copyrights on those designs.

p/s - I have had to resort to putting my stamp on the photos after a photo of one of my snowflakes that I placed in my Flickr was used by someone without my permission. I am glad that it is not someone from my circle of friends because I know we are a group of ethical tatters and would never do such things.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Square and diamond

This square motif doesn't appeal much on its own. It was something that I designed earlier but just left it at that. Then while looking for patterns to show to some pupils who are learning tatting from me, I decided to make this again.

But, instead of leaving it as a square, I joined up four motifs together. Now, it is looking much better. I really like the way the centre comes together in this one.

Besides that, I also made this simple rings bookmark to explain 2-shuttle tatting to the class.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

One item - different uses

This item started as a decorative cover for a jar, in this case an empty jam jar, using a couple of designs that I had made separately before.

I started with a round centre motif, one the designs in my 25-motif challenge. Then I added two rows of rings and chains, but done so that it forms a round upright shape. The next round is a round edging that form a bit of ruffles. After I have finished it, I string a strip of lace in the space between the upright rings-and-chains.

This would be nice to decorate any home-made jam or pickle jars to give away.
Used with a lid over the jar
It can be a container for a potpourri or scented bath soaps.
Used without the lid of the jar
Or, you can fold the two rounds of ring-and-chains over each other and it will turn into saucer-shape or shallow bowl, which is something like this. String the lace through the two folded rings together and it can be a coaster for a small glass or a candle stand.

A coaster or base doily for a candle stand

As a candle stand
You can also add a tiny cushion in the centre and turn this into a pin-cushion or maybe a ring pillow for a wedding. Sorry, I don't have pictures for these because I don't have the material to make the cushion. Or used on its own it can be a doll's hat.

Thank you for all your comments. The finished piece fits over a jam jar with lid that measures 2.5 inches or 6.5 cm across, using size 20 thread.

Updated: The pattern for this coaster/jar cover/candle base is available here.

Friday, 12 January 2007

No. 20/25 - Another Chinese Coin Motif

I am feeling so good inside. Someone in the family is showing an interest in crafts. My daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet. That is what I have been doing the past few weeks. We are starting by making a small bag. It is not that difficult because it will be just a rectangular shape made up of rows and rows of half-double-crochet. Asked her whether she wants to learn tatting - she said she is not ready for tatting yet.

I started of the first row for her and she continued with the subsequent rows after that. She came back to me at the end of each row because she hasn't managed to jump to the next row yet, even after I have shown her a few times. Then, she wants a row of flowers crochetted on the lower part of the bag - she can be very demanding, this girl of mine. Have to go and figure out how to make them flowers.
In between I made this motif. This is a remake of the motif that I used for the Chinese Coin bookmark that I posted earlier (motif 16/25 - Nov 15th 06). I wanted to see how it will look with some decorative picots in it. I think it looks quite alright.
Starting to work on another heart motif. Have the picture in mind already - something with daisy picots in it, but yet to actually tat it out.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

No. 18/25 - A Medallion

Another motif to add to the challenge. This medallion has centre rings that come out from SCMRs that form the centre ring in the clovers.
I tried making another one without the centre rings, because I felt that it looked crowded with the rings in it. But I couldn't make the circle with the same number of rings. It somehow needed more than 12 repeats, so I abandoned it. I couldn't figure out why!

Monday, 4 September 2006

No. 7/25 - another round motif

This was made after I have finished the mini-doily.

There were already some thread in the shuttles so I made something from them, as it came off my head, after roughly doodling something on paper. This was made in one round. The rings in the centre are all split rings.

I am quite amazed at how easily this one turned out. Usually, when I want to design something new I would first make rough sketches on paper. Then I would try them out and make changes along the way. Often I had to cut them off midway and start again.

But with this one, it came out after two attempts only. In the first attempt, I found that the middle rings are a bit big, and the chains are not meeting in the centre. When I reduced the count for the ds, they met perfectly.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Nos. 1/25 and 2/25 - rearrangement of the numbering

I have decided to rearrange the my pictures so that they are in sequence. These pictures enlarged versions of the ones in my first post.

No.1/25 -SCMR Medallion

This is the first that I made based on Wally's Tat-Along motif. I use the self-closing-mock-ring here to create the rings in the middle.

No. 2/25 - Woven Long Picot Medallion

This is the second motif create from the same base motif. I made to different lengths of long picots to create the two rows of woven picot in the centre.